Topex Microwave Digestion System

Type : Topex


The advantages of the TOPEX Microwave Digestion System at a glance:


  • Industrial-quality components made of 316L stainless steel and built by seamless laser welding
  • Multi-layer Dupont PFA coating efficiently protects cavity away from corrosion
  • 56L large cavity provide large batch of vessels(up to 40 vessels)
  • Maximum withstanding temperature: 350?

Microwave source

  • Microwave output via two staggered magnetron and specia waveguide design by PreeKem
  • Uniform and high efficiency microwave heating focus on sample area


  • One-touch Key for opening and closing door
  • Active door lock: Door opens only after a run has finished successfully
  • Self-resealing action in case of an uncontrolled overpressure release

losed-vessel design

  • Inner vessel made of TFM provide better anti-penetration performance compared with PTFE
  • Double pressure-release protection design: safety membrane releasing pressure and sealing cover breaking
  • High strength frame-type structure design, withstand high temperature and high pressure

Auto-Vening vessel design

  • High-purity TFM liner and fiber-reinforced PEEK pressure vessel ensure the reaction safety
  • Tool-free handling of rotors, vessels and sensors
  • Original venting design offers precise pressure control

Dual reaction control

  • Immersing PT sensor allows accurate temperature measurements inside the solution
  • High-precision high temperature melt pressure sensor measures the pressure in real time
  • This precise control of the temperature and pressure is essential for reproducible results and ensures safe processes every time

Full vessel real-time IR sensor

  • Dual circle bottom temperature detection and full vessel continuous scanning technology
  • Auto circle detection selection based on the real time temperature, assuring the accurate and reliable temperature measurement

Straightforward software solutions

  • The large and high-resolution touchscreen provides a convenient, built-in interface
  • Simple Method Programming: A comprehensive library of methods gives
  • Ready-to-use applications for a wide range of samples
  • Easily monitor an active run from the graphical output of the touchscreen
  • Watch detailed training videos right on the touchscreen
  • Running data can be saved, reviewed and exported

Safety Viewer

  • Stable stainless steel door with both window and high definition camera
  • It enables observation of the entire run in real time

High efficiency cooling unit

  • Strong anti-corrosion exhaust unit provides effective heat transfer and cooling of vessels within minutes after decomposition
  • No handling of hot pressurized vessels and increased lifetime of key components