HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

Type : SYS LC-138


The advantages of the SYS LC-138 at a glance:

  • Trinity design

SYS LC 138 adopted the trinity system of column over, system controller and solvent tray as a whole, which can reasonably use the space and enhanced the management of temperature and solvent.

  • Audit trail

Conform to GLP/GMP, equivalent to 21CFR Part II standard.

  • Intuitive Software Control

The SYS LC 138 Liquid Chromatograph System adopts the most advanced liquid chromatography system called VI2010 HPLC Data Work Station, which designed for international standard, all the action of SYS LC 138 can be directly controlled by the computer. The control is designed with the dedicated keys that allow even a novice to turn on the pump and create methods. An easy to read data display allows the user to monitor several parameters from the same screen. When configured as a gradient HPLC system, user can program and store different methods, all the methods can be linked or run independently.

  • Easy maintenance

All user serviceable components are easily accessed from the front panel.Once the head assembly is removed, the pistons and seals can be replaced quickly and easily without the use of tools. The highest voltage of SYS LC 138 can be reached to 10000 psi, and the minimum detection limit is 1×10-9g/ml.