Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Type : SYS 813 (M)


The advantages of the SYS 813 (M) at a glance:

  • Innovated rich oxygen air-acetylene flame analysis technique:

The patented flame analysis technique adopting rich oxygen air-acetylene flame as the substitution for nitrous oxide-acetylene flame for high temperature element analyses, such as Ca, Al, Ba, W, Mo, Ti, V, etc. Flame temperature is continuously adjustable between 2300-2950 with makes it possible to choose the best atomization temperature for different elements. It features easy operation, low analysis cost and wide flame AAS analytical range. Rich oxygen flame will not pollute the environment and is not harmful to human bodies. It's break-through in flame AAS analysis.

  • Integrated flame/graphite furnace atomization system, changeable with flame emission burner;
  • Accurate fully automated control system
  • Reliable fully automatic graphite furnace analysis
  • Perfect safety protection measures
  • Advance and reliable electronic design
  • Easy and practical analysis software