Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Type : SYS 813


The advantages of the SYS 813 at a glance:

  • Automatic hollow cathode lamp changeover. The high performance HCL can be used directly.
  • Auto-changeover and position optimization of integrated flame/graphite furnace atomizer.
  • Auto-ignition, automatic spectral bandwidth selection.
  • Fully automated wavelength scanning and peaking
  • Light-controlled graphite furnace power supplier, adopting FUZZY-PID temperature control technique and dual curve working mode, ensures fast heating, accurate and stable temperature control and good temperature reproducibility. Temperature auto-correction function provided.
  • Graphite furnace with pneumatic control and pressure lock ensures constant pressure and reliable contact. (Optional)
  • Perfect safety protection measures, alarm and automatic safety protection to fuel gas leakage, air pressure deficiency and abnormal flame extinction; spray chamber made of explosion-proof material, all-titanium burner and explosion-proof stopper for flame analyses; alarm and protection function to argon pressure deficiency, insufficient cooling water supply, over-heating and over-current etc. in graphite furnace analyses.
  • Adopting large-scale programmable logic array and Inter IC bus technique and highly reliable adapters for electric design.
  • Easy and flexible WINDOWS operating system, with multi-windows processing technology to observe the signal profile, the measured results and the calibration curve at the same time. Various analytical programs, data, signals and graphics can all be stored for later use.