Smart UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer with LCD Touch Sc...

Type : 2206TS



The advantages of the Smart UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer 2206 at a glance:




  • Micro-controller based Double Beam
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Automatic source optimisation, Base line calibration & Cell optimisation
  • 190 – 1100 nm Range
  • 1.0 nm Bandwidth
  • %T, Abs, Conc. (K factor, Multi standard), Multi component measuring modes
  • Single Wavelength, Multi Wavelength, Scan & Time Scan operating modes
  • Printer External all types of printer support
  • Inbuilt Two Position (5 position can be accommodate optionally)
  • Single Position 50/100 mm Cuvette Holder (Optional)
  • Connectivity - Wi-Fi, USB & MMC
  • Memory - inbuilt 64 GB, expandable 32 GB additional
  • a) Automatic lamp section
    b) Automatic wavelength selection , filter selection
    c) Automatic baseline correction
    d) Automatic dark correction
    e) Automatic Stray light correction